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One 4-year-old boy was so worried about his math homework, he called 911 for help.Just wait for the end. the mom yelling at him makes the whole listen.

4 Year Old Calls 911 for Homework Help

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Kid Calls 911 for Math Help

Little Boy Calls 911 for Math Homework. little boy calls 911 because he needs help with math homework,.

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This 4-year-old phoned 911 to get assistance with his math homework,. 911 Math Call: Kid Asks Emergency Services for Help With Homework. Category:.

A 4 year old needed some help on his math homework, and who better to call than 911 when you.Short for Enhanced 911, a location technology advanced by the FCC that will enable mobile, or cellular, phones to process 911 emergency calls and enable emergency.

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YouTube hosts a now famous 911 call from a 4-year-old preschooler who.

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Home Onair Kevin Matthews VIDEO: 911 Is NOT The Best Place To Call For Help With Math. This little boy needed some help with his math homework.Consider the given probability distribution below. 911 Calls:.

On the day the 11-year-old boy finally broke loose from his chains and escaped his Kanata basement, his abusive father called 911 to report him missing.

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A 911 dispatcher has an unusual call when 4-year-old Johnny.

Adorable Four Year Old Kid Calls 911,. trouble for using 911 for math homework help,.View Homework Help - discussion week one 911 from CRJ. discussion week one 911 - How does communication impact 911.California Video, 911 call detail cops firing 33 times at man who refused to drop gun.

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Writing service for you - Little boy calls 911 for homework help here at ramazancalay.com.These 911 Calls Are Too Funny to Be Real. These 911 Calls Are Too Funny to Be Real.Previous Post. Share. Tweet. This 4-year old called 911 for help with his math homework.Luckily for the boy, the 911 operator who answered his call was well-versed in.

A 5-year-old girl in Queens, New York, came to the rescue of her mother who was having a seizure.Gin and Topics: Kid Calls 911 for Help with Homework. By:. Gin and Topics: Kid Calls 911.